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Medication Management


Dr. Varblow will join with families at any point in their decision process when it comes to using (or not using) medications as part of their child's treatment for ADHD.  She will discuss with parents the very basics of safety and efficacy of various medication options, go through the pro’s and con’s of trying a new medicine, and assist families with maximizing the benefits of pharmacologic treatment while minimizing the potential side effects.  In certain cases, Dr. Varblow may suggest using new pharmacogenetic information to assist with the medication selection process.  Dr. Varblow uses three criteria to guide the use of medication for any child:  1) the prevailing evidence has shown the medicine to be generally safe and effective, 2) the parents feel good about giving their child the medicine because they are satisfied with the results they see, and 3) the child wants to take the medicine because s/he likes the effects it seems to have.  If any of those criteria are not met, then she will continue to work with a family until they find the approach that works to everyone’s satisfaction.


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