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Interested In Hearing Dr. Varblow?

A popular and engaging speaker, Dr. Varblow has addressed professional audiences at conferences and workshops, and she has presented to faculty, students, and parents at area schools and community events.

Recent Presentations

Dr. Varblow Presents at the Luther Jackson Middle School regarding Essential Life Skills For Twice Exceptional Learners: Tools For Social & Academic Success




Dr. Varblow Presents at the Loudoun County Parents of Gifted Children Students at the Nysmith School

March 9: Alexandria City public Schools 

"WHY DO THEY DO THAT?!? A Behind the Scenes Look at ADHD


November 12:  CHADD Annual International Conference on ADHD Innovative Programs

The KNOW/GO/FLOW Model for Understanding ADHD Behaviors

Presentation Topics Available

  • Understanding Your Child's ADHD:  The Know/Go Model

  • Understanding ADHD:  A New Model for Use in Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Why Do They Do That?!?  Understanding Inconsistent Behaviors in Children and Teens

  • ADHD and Dyslexia:  Connections and Treatments

  • Executive Function Challenges in Gifted Students

  • Social and Emotional Development of Gifted Children

  • Gifted Children and Asynchronous Development

  • Asynchronous Development in Atypical Learners

  • Twice-Exceptional Learners:  Gifted And Challenged

Prior Speaking Venues

  • George Washington University Center for Integrative Medicine

  • INOVA Fairfax Hospital for Children Department of Pediatrics

  • Accessibility Summit at McLean Bible Church

  • Bridges Therapy and Wellness Center

  • Capital Area Pediatrics

  • Learning Rx

  • FCPS Fairfax Association for the Gifted

  • Fairfax County Twice-Exceptional Support Group

  • Loudoun County Parents of Gifted Students

  • Nysmith School for the Gifted

  • Professional discussion groups and professional networking organizations

  • Nurture Podcast

  • Girl Scouts of America groups

  • Area parent groups and PTOs/PTAs

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